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One Decision on Marriage Leads to Another

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(Photo via Christian Post: Reuters/Lee Celano)

The decision is out.

Marriage in the United States of America has now been redefined to include homosexual couples who want to enter into holy matrimony. Irony intended. So what do we do now?

I will get to that in a minute, but first let me say I have no quick quotes, cute sayings of God’s sovereignty, or heart-warming assurances that everything will be okay. For far too long Christians have stood back and even mocked the small minority of believers who decided to walk in missional obedience to fight the battles of the culture. The faithful few have endured the labels of “divisive,” “judgmental,” “unloving,” “controversial,” and even “conspiratorial.”

For far too long, those in the pulpit have allowed their flocks to believe and behave within the worldview that their faith is private, not public. The weary culture warriors have appeased ignorant hearts with tender egos by “agreeing to disagree.”

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