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November 6 – Vote YES on Amendment X and NO on Amendment W

By October 13, 2018South Dakota
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CWA of South Dakota ENDORSES Constitutional Amendment X

The 2018 ballot titles X as “An amendment to the South Dakota Constitution increasing the number of votes needed to approve a constitutional amendment.”

The Attorney General explanation states: “The South Dakota Constitution may only be amended by a vote of the people.  Currently, the Constitution provides that a proposed amendment must receive a majority [50%] of the votes cast in order to be approved. Constitutional Amendment X changes the Constitution, increasing the number of votes needed to approve an amendment from a majority to 55% of the votes cast on the amendment.”

According to the “Pro”-explanation written by State Sen. Jim Bolin (R), our state constitution is the foundational political document of South Dakota and should require more than a 50% approval for amendments.  Compared to the high standard required to amend our United States Constitution,  Amendment X proposes a modest adjustment (55%), raising the threshold, that will protect our South Dakota Constitution from unneeded changes which are often funded and promoted by out-of-state special interests.

CWA of South Dakota OPPOSES Constitution Amendment W

The 2018 ballot titles W as “An initiated amendment to the South Dakota Constitution changing campaign finance and lobbying laws, creating a government accountability board, and changing certain initiative and referendum provisions.”

The “Con”- explanation is written by David Owens, President of the South Dakota Chamber of Commerce and Industry.  Owens writes that Amendment W would create a new (fourth) branch of government that is not elected by the people.  This seven-member tribunal would have powers that cannot be limited by the legislature, courts, or the Governor.  It would answer to no one with no accountability.  W would require a statewide vote to fix mistakes.  It is too risky to put Amendment W in the state constitution, too confusing and too long. (8 pages/ 3,329 words)  Interestingly, it is brought to South Dakota from Massachusetts.

Amendment W would take control over every other part of the South Dakota Constitution and force taxpayers to fund the tribunal to the tune of $389,000 annually.

Amendment W is Wrong for South Dakota.

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Linda Schauer
State Director
CWA of South Dakota