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Northern California’s New Area Director Introduced at May 3 Tea

By May 14, 2014California
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The Northern California’s Tea to introduce CWA and the new Area Director, Patricia Del’Marmol, was a great success. There were 25 attendees who received information from Patricia Thompson, State Director, about CWA’s history and CWA’s focus to bring awareness of public policy and how the state legislature works and to provide what action can be taken to let our voices be heard. Phyllis Davis, Prayer Action Leader for Modesto, and Pat Del’Marmol, Area Director, added comments about their experiences as they have visited the State Capitol and talked with the legislators. As the attendees listened to Patricia, you could see the light bulb turn on as the attendees realized they could make their voice heard in a practical, yet powerful way. As the meeting was wrapping up with questions, the excitement to participate noticeably grew. One of the ladies, Lou Anne Merriam, said, “I believe this meeting was a launching pad for much more involvement in California from Christian brothers and sisters.” Others, who could not attend, are looking forward to other events in which they can learn about CWA and be informed. If you live in northern California and would like to know about future meetings or events, contact Patricia Del’Marmol at