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North Dakota House Education Committee to Consider the Rights of Parents of Children in Public School

By January 30, 2017North Dakota
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Education has been established as one of our seven core issues on which we focus our efforts.  CWA supports reform of public education by returning educational authority to parents.  We believe excellence in academic achievement begins with the acknowledgment of parental rights.

Tomorrow, January 31, I will testify before the House Education Committee in support of House Bill 1389 “relating to the right of a parent to opt a child out of testing, with no interference from the state.” 

Parents have the authority to make decisions regarding their child’s education and wellbeing.  The purpose of the bill is to address concerns about a misguided focus on assessment to the determent of academic content instruction.  Our school climate today places too much emphasis on federal control through mandated tests.  In the past, it was expected the teacher would use their professional discretion to evaluate their students and decide how and when to test to reach learning goals.  Also, in the past, there was much more time for instruction and for teachers to work together on cross-curriculum projects which encouraged learning and creativity among students.

Superintendent of Public Instruction Kirsten Baesler, when speaking about the new federal education law called Every Student Succeeds ACT (ESSA), stated, “This new law (ESSA) reinforces our authority in North Dakota to determine for ourselves how to measure the progress of our students.  It gives us more room to develop their creativity and entrepreneurship, and to help them become productive citizens of our state, nation and world.” CWA of North Dakota believes that reinforcement of authority begins with the respect and support of parent rights.

HB1389 addresses the ability of parents to opt out of test assessments for their children.

CWA of North Dakota urges our State Representatives serving on the House Education Committee to enact parental directives for the administration of tests and assessments.

Take Action: Call and/or email those on the North Dakota House Education Committee.  Ask them to support Parent Rights and to please vote a “Do Pass” on HB 1389.  Be sure to let them know that you are associated with Concerned Women for America of North Dakota.

Committee Members:

Rep. Mark Owens (R-District 17) at and/or 218-779-2320

Rep. Cynthia Schreiber Beck (R-District 25) at and/or 701-899-3232

Rep. Rich S. Becker (R-District 43) at and/or 218-779-5736

Rep. Ron Guggisberg (D-District 11) at and/or 701-367-2736

Rep. Pat D. Heinert (R-District 32) at and/or 701-222-1354

Rep. Dennis Johnson (R-District 15) at and/or 701-739-9328

Rep. Mary C. Johnson (R-District 45) at and/or 701-306-2037

Rep. Donald Longmuir (R-District 2) at and/or 701-629-1632

Rep. Andrew Marschall (R-District 16) at  and/or 701-205-2208

Rep. Corey Mock (D-District 18) at  and/or 701-732-0085

Rep. Bill Oliver at (R-District 4)

Rep. Brandy Pyle at (R-District 22) and/or 701-347-4421

Rep. Matthew Ruby (R-District 40) at and/or 701-509-8149

Rep. Denton Zubke (R-District 39) at and/or 701-570-4043

Pray:  “And pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. With this in mind, be alert and always keep on praying for all the Lord’s people” (Ephesians 6:18).  Please pray the words of my testimony will be effective.

Linda Thorson
State Director
CWA of North Dakota