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North Dakota Congressional Delegation Must Hear Our Voices Loud and Clear, “Vote NO on the Health Care Bill!”

By January 18, 2010North Dakota
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As we enter this week of mourning for the 50+million unborn children who have died through abortion since the 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, we also come together and celebrate Life. Yesterday I was privileged to join a large crowd of pro-life North Dakotans on the steps of our capitol in Bismarck proclaiming the sanctity of life. From that capital have come some of the strongest laws in our nation restricting abortion and protecting women, and we must make sure these laws are enforced. We are truly blessed to live at such a time as this where there are no gray areas when it comes to the issue of life. Abortion is wrong, period!

This is also a dark hour in our nation, as truly in all senses of the word, the leader of the abortion movement in America now resides in the White House!! The current provisions for abortion funding in the Heath Care reform bill is nothing less than a stimulus package for the National Abortion Rights Action League and Planned Parenthood. We face a Senate Health Care (HC) bill, that clearly directs federal funding for abortion in its language. At the last minute (as usual), Sen. Reid added, what we now call the Manager’s Amendment to the now infamously Christmas Eve-passed H. R. 3590. This 383-page amendment directs appropriations to Community Health Centers, also called Federally Qualified Health Centers, totaling $7 billion over five years. Hmmm, makes one wonder if the new mega abortion center in Houston, Texas, will not be designated as a future Community Health Center. These funds are a direct appropriation in the HC bill itself and are exempt from the annual appropriation of funds for the Department of Health and Human Services and, therefore, bypasses the restrictions set forth through the Hyde Amendment. Basically, our Congressional delegation have been trying to hide (no pun intended) behind the Hyde amendment that they all support leaving us with confusion over what they really support or do not support. Looking at the language in the bill, including the above information, and seeing clearly Sens. Conrad and Dorgan’s votes, it is clear that they voted for federal funding for abortion, no matter how they may twist the facts. It all amounts to a lot of accounting gimmeckry!

On the House side, Rep. Pomeroy held to North Dakota values and voted for the Stupak/Pitts language clearly voting against any funding for abortion. However, in the back room deals in the White House, (yes, not in Congress) the Stupak/Pitts language may be stripped off the bill. So, will Pomeroy then vote against final passage of the bill? If he holds true to his word, he should.

We have a very short window of time to make sure once again that we are represented in Washington D.C.!!


Call Sen. Conrad – 202-224-2043 and Sen. Dorgan – 202-224-2551 every day until the vote comes to the floor and implore them to listen to the will of the people of North Dakota and vote NO on the Health Care bill!

Call Rep. Pomeroy – 202-225-2611 every day and ask him to stand strong against pressure and do what we elected him to do, represent North Dakota and vote NO on Health Care bill.

Let’s not give up; the tide is turning, and we can yet stop this madness!!

Janne Myrdal
State Director
Concerned Woman for America
North Dakota
P.O. Box 213
Park River, ND 58270
Phone (701) 331-0946