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Open the doors! Let us in!

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Dear Friends,

Congress continues to wheel and deal in secret meetings, behind closed doors, despite President Obama’s very public promise that negotiations on a health care bill would be transparent and covered by C-SPAN. He said the meetings would be open for all to see which politicians made sweetheart deals.

But Congress, on the brink of a government takeover of our health care system, doesn’t want us to watch. Why? Because they know we won’t like the pill they want to force us to swallow … And they don’t want us to see their corruption in action.

Sweetheart deals like the $300 million “Louisiana Purchase” that bought Mary Landrieu’s vote. … The “Cornhusker Kickback” for Nebraska’s Ben Nelson. … The “U Conn” plunder for Connecticut’s Chris Dodd. … The “Gator Aid” for Florida’s Bill Nelson. … Tom Harkin’s “Iowa Pork.”

Brian Lamb of C-SPAN is now turning up the heat, and we intend to join him. He’s imploring Senate and House leaders to live up to their promises and let his cameras in on the final negotiations.

Concerned Women for America Legislative Action Committee wants your voice to be heard. Please sign our petition to “Open the Doors! Let Us In!,” and demand the transparency that Congress promised.

Time is of the essence! Visit to sign today!


Wendy Wright


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