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Night of Rage-We Will Not Stand Down

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This poster is appearing all over the District of Columbia. According to Influence Watch, Jane’s Revenge, which said it was responsible for the attack on the pro-life organization in Madison, Wisconsin, is a far-left extremist group. Its name refers to the “Jane Collective,” which was a group in Chicago before the Roe decision that assisted women in obtaining illegal abortions.

On May 8, the Wisconsin Family Action offices were fire-bombed and vandalized. Anarchists’ symbols were painted on the walls, and their slogan “If abortions aren’t safe, then you aren’t either” was painted on the exterior wall.


In claiming responsibility for the attack in Wisconsin, Jane’s revenge stated, “This is not a declaration of war. War has been upon us for decades. A war which we did not want and did not provoke. Too long have we been attacked for asking for basic medical care. Too long have we been shot, bombed, and forced into childbirth without consent.”  They indicated that this was just the beginning and that there would be future attacks. 


Concerned Women for America has been a presence at the Supreme Court every decision day in June. We will continue to be there until the Dobbs decision has been rendered. We have been involved in the fight for the lives of the unborn since our beginnings 43 years ago. We will not stand down! 


As we have reported, our building was vandalized back in May. We have video of the young man exposing himself and urinating on our building. His hatred of us and what we do is evident in every gesture and look. 


We wanted you to know that we are taking security precautions to safeguard our staff first and then our building. We have hired armed security who will be in the building every day, and they will also travel to the Court with us when we go. 


Additional security and security precautions are not something for which we have budgeted. By the end of June, we will have invested $15,000 in additional security. We will do everything we can to be sure our staff and our property are protected. Your help in offsetting this cost would be so appreciated. 

We ask for your prayers of protection over our staff and our property. As we go to the Court, we are practicing Matthew 10:16 “Behold, I am sending you out as sheep in the midst of wolves; so be wise as serpents and innocent as doves.”


Penny Nance

CEO and President