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More South Dakota “Encouragers” Needed

By December 6, 2016South Dakota
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It is time to recruit “encouragers” for our 2017 Encourage-A-Legislator campaign for the 2017 South Dakota Legislative Session. This is our 18th year of Encourage-A-Legislator!  Some of you have been dedicated encouragers with us from the very beginning, and we appreciate your faithfulness.

We live in challenging times.  I’m sure you’ll agree with me that much prayer is needed to restrain the enemy’s assault on our culture.

Will you commit to adopting a legislator and praying for him or her daily during the session beginning in January?  Each week you will send your assigned legislator a CWA-provided postcard, pre-printed with a Scripture verse or inspirational quote.  Simply express appreciation for the legislator’s service and note your prayers for him/her.  Finally, add a postcard stamp and mail the card on a specified date.

Many legislators responded to your prayers and encouraging postcards last year with words of appreciation.  Your efforts encourage and build bridges with the conservative legislators as well as those who do not typically agree with CWA. Your benefit as an “encourager” is that you are energized and blessed to be a part of this effort.

If you wish to participate in our Encourage-A-Legislator campaign this year, please reply by e-mailing, noting your commitment and providing your physical address.  You will receive your postcards and instructions just prior to the opening of the 2017 South Dakota Legislative Session early in January.