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Moms: The Government Needs You to Nag Your Kids

By March 20, 2014Blog, News and Events
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Health Source RI's outreach includes a "Nag Toolkit" for moms

Health Source RI’s outreach includes a “Nag Toolkit”

In an effort to enroll more young people in ObamaCare, the Obama Administration has turned to moms.

Rhode Island’s ObamaCare exchange is encouraging Moms to “mercilessly” nag their children to sign up for health insurance. HealthSource RI created a “Nag ToolKit,” encouraging parents to stalk children through online mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to repeatedly send them messages to sign up. Even more interesting, the Obama Administration is encouraging mothers to sign up for dating hookup apps like Tinder and OkCupid, instructing them to use “a provocative user name” in these apps that allows users to scroll through profile photos and select hook up partner, all in order to bombard their kids with messages to get healthcare. The Nag ToolKit page reads:

“Your kids don’t want to get health insurance. They also don’t want to get nagged. Let’s find out which one they want less. Help us get your kids insured by nagging them about health insurance where they least expect it.”

Adding insult to injury, in case moms can’t follow the step-by-step instructions on how to download the apps and use them to promote the president’s healthcare law, the website encourages moms to simply give away their child’s email address:

“If this all seems too confusing, give us your kid’s email address and we’ll do the nagging.”

What an insult to the intelligence and worth of moms. They are so much more than pawns in a political system. Yes, this is a clever calculation from the Obama Administration to use guilt as a means to enroll young people, recruiting NFL moms and celebrity moms to lay it on thick. But the reason young people are not signing up is because, thankfully, we can add. And thanks to Mom, we understand the value of a dollar. Young people are struggling in a horrible job-market, with youth unemployment at 16.3%, dealing with record student loan debt, and making financial decisions that reflect the reality of their economic situation. Young people realize that it’s far more affordable for most of us to pay a penalty or an in-office doctor visit than it is to pay exorbitant premiums in the prime of our health and a period of our lives with the lowest income. The Administration continues to insult the intelligence of the very voting bloc that elected the president into office and is now disregarding their honest assessment of his healthcare law by tattling on them to Mom. This is healthcare, not homework. The product is broken. We’re just not buying it.

Alison Howard serves as Communications Director for Concerned Women for America. Follow Alison on Twitter at @alisonhoward1.