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Meet Our Summer Intern Summer Stubblebine

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Hello all! My name is Summer Stubblebine, and I am overwhelmed with gratitude at the opportunity to be interning at Concerned Women for America this summer. I am an upcoming junior at Liberty University studying Communications and Politics, hoping to someday go into journalism!

I grew up with five sisters (my built-in best friends!) in a small progressive town in Massachusetts. I was exposed to liberal ideologies at a very young age within my public school and quickly learned that my Christian values were at odds with almost everything in the world around me. While it was challenging growing up in an area so far from God, I also learned that God shines the brightest in the darkest areas. My faith was continually being stretched as it was in opposition to everything around me.

At just 12 years old, I had the opportunity to speak out at the Massachusetts State House against the “Bathroom Bill” that would permit boys to share bathrooms and locker rooms with girls. While I was young and intimidated to speak in front of so many adults, I knew that my voice as a young girl could have an impact. After all, they were making laws on my behalf. At the time, one of my dear friends from elementary school was undergoing a medical sex change, and I remember when my sound bite hit the news. I received the label of an “intolerant Christian hater” among my peers. Getting bullied for my beliefs at such a young age was hard, but it built my character. That experience filled me with courage, and I realized the power of someone who was willing to yield to the Holy Spirit and speak truth in the midst of lies and deception.

Later in high school, my sisters and I had the opportunity to start a Bible club, which our school tried to shut down in the name of “separation of church and state.” We had to get an attorney to write a letter to the school defending our cause. Over 100 alternative clubs took place across my school campus, but a group of teens studying the Bible was the most offensive. This experience taught me the importance of being educated on religious freedom in America and how it is something we should never take for granted.

My experiences growing up made me wake up to the realities of darkness in the world and that the Bible has answers to every single problem that America faces. Christians cannot fall asleep during this time – we need to get to work! I love that Concerned Women for America uses prayer, education, and advocacy to fight for truth.  

As a freshman in college, I discovered my school’s Young Women for America club. I fell in love with their vision of addressing political and cultural issues through a Biblical lens. Finally, at last, I was surrounded by a deep community of women who shared my faith and values. There is power in numbers, and Young Women for America is successfully connecting conservative women on college campuses throughout America. Conservative, God-fearing women are a force to be reckoned with– especially when they band together for the cause of truth!

Every day at Concerned Women for America is an exhilarating experience. From attending meetings on Capitol Hill to sitting in on FOX news interviews and hearing Penny Nance confer with government officials, I feel as if I am watching history unfold. Concerned Women for America is on the front lines, making a difference daily. I could not ask for a more exciting internship!