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Meet our Intern!

By April 14, 2022News and Events
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Hello! My name is Myah Abraham, and I am CWA’s Spring intern. I grew up in the northern suburbs of Houston, in the great state of Texas. I will graduate with a double major in Sacred Art and Philosophy in December 2022. Since I have been able to do school completely online, I decided to spend this year interning to gain experience in different fields and figure out what I want to do.

In November 2021, I was sitting at a table with a dear friend of mine, telling her what I would want in an internship: something biblically-based, feminine, focused on grassroots, but political. This friend immediately recommended I look into Concerned Women for America. Upon discovering that they were everything I was looking for and more, including that they were biblically based and that their seven core values aligned perfectly with mine, I immediately applied for an internship for the Spring. I am now nearly through with my internship, and I have loved every moment of it. 

The main takeaway from Concerned Women is that relationships are everything. I intern primarily in the Fields Operations Department and a little bit in the Government Affairs Department. Working in Fields Operations, I get to sit in interviews and phone calls, make connections, and sort through data of different CWA leaders across the United States. I also researched and updated several CWA resources, wrote emails and web posts for Women’s History Month, and much more.  

One great experience was spending the day lobbying at the Virginia state capital with CWA of Virginia. This was such a powerful day of building relationships and learning about local government. This has inspired me to want to be involved more in local politics and maybe even work in local politics one day. I also had the opportunity to travel with Young Women for America to Atlanta to participate in a Save Women’s Sports press conference at the NCAA Division 1 swimming championship.

After this internship concludes, I will finish my schooling and possibly get my Master’s at Liberty University. I plan on sticking around the Washington, D.C. area for a bit to make connections and possibly take another internship. I will also continue running my own pro-life organization, which I have gained many skills from in this internship. 

I love my time at CWA, and I am so thankful God has placed me here! It is a wonderful organization!