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Maine June Legislative Session This Week! Action Needed TODAY Concerning Marijuana and Conversion Therapy Legislation!

By June 20, 2018Maine
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Please contact your senator and representative and ask them to oppose the ban on conversion therapy and marijuana legalization. They will be working on these two bills during this week’s special session, and it’s imperative they hear from us on these harmful bills – TODAY.

LD 912 prohibits conversion therapy for children under the age of 18 from seeking therapy to help them overcome questions/consideration of homosexual tendencies. The bill is unfair to those kids who know they don’t want to be homosexual, but are struggling with peer pressure, what they are seeing around them, the onset of puberty, etc. May we do all we can to protect them from this harmful legislation.

“and the men likewise gave up natural relations with women and were consumed with passion for one another, men committing shameless acts with men and receiving in themselves the due penalty for their error” (Romans 1:27).

A peoples’ referendum in Maine passed legislation legalizing recreational marijuana. However, the Legislature has been trying during the past two-year session to enact legislation that would cause the least harm to children, but have had no success. This bill is harmful to children and all citizens. May they hear from you to encourage them to stop legalization.

This special session started yesterday and concludes tomorrow, Thursday. Time is of the essence.

Take Action:
• Contact both your Senator and Representative. Ask them to overturn all legislation that has been passed concerning the approval of recreational marijuana and oppose the ban on conversion therapy, L.D. 912. Be sure to let them know you are a member of Concerned Women for America of Maine. Find your senator and representative by the town you live in here.
• Forward this e-alert to friends and family.

Please Pray: “Dear God, we need You to give us the courage and strength to stand for righteousness in Maine by acting on these two issues immediately. Please give our lawmakers the wisdom and courage to do the right thing”

You have heard from me regarding these issues throughout this session of the Maine Legislature and have acted as requested. Now is the time to make that final push. We must intervene for our kids and grandkids so they can grow up in a culture that will benefit them, and not in one that would be harmful to them.

Penny Morrell
State Director
CWA of Maine

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Your involvement, financial gifts, and prayers could not be more appreciated. Thank you!