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LTE: Kamala Harris was not a voice for me

By November 2, 2018Blog, News and Events
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Rekha Basu’s recent op-ed about Kamala Harris was an attempt to rewrite history [Kamala Harris’ passion, optimism, warmth may be the antidote to Trump’s snide divisiveness]. I was there for the Kavanaugh hearings, and Sen. Kamala Harris’ behavior, especially her treatment of Iowa’s own Sen. Chuck Grassley, was unbecoming for a senator.

Even before Dr. Christine Blasey Ford came forward, Harris had set the tone for the hearings, and it was anything but “warm.” Just 30 seconds into Grassley’s opening remarks, Harris rudely interrupted him and spoke over him.

Throughout the nomination, she was hyper-divisive and hyper-partisan, calling Judge Brett Kavanaugh a “fundamental threat” the very day he was announced.

Basu writes that Harris “gave voice to women everywhere,” but she didn’t give a voice to me. I was one of the thousands standing up for due process in support of now-Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh, don’t I count?

Letter to the Editor submitted by CWA of Iowa State Director Tamara Scott to the Des Moines Register.