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Lots Happening! CWA of Iowa Needs Your Prayers and Action

By July 30, 2013Iowa
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I realize that most of our CWA members and volunteers are parents and grandparents who would rather have the summer time off to spend with family. So, we’re careful when we ask of your time. However, there are currently some very real needs for prayer and action, and some wonderful opportunities that we wanted to offer to our CWA prayer warriors and culture changers.

First, our prayer need. Greene County is the latest county to come under attack by the Wild Rose Casino’s planned invasion of their quiet and peaceful community. With promises of jobs and phantom projections of monies to local schools and governments, the casino paints a rosy picture. (Some might refer to these as bribes to officials or payoff to government for the right to rob county residents who would be casino patrons through trickery and schemes of casino games.) When one considers the potential ramifications of crime, corruption, drops in revenue to local businesses, and expected burden on schools and government services, the picture quickly becomes bleak.

Take action. If you live or know of friends in Green County, county seat is Jefferson, Iowa, please encourage them to vote NO on August 6. At the very least, can you join us in prayer? We know that gambling feeds off of greed, coveting, and unbiblical behaviors like wanting something for nothing. We understand the financial problems are one of the largest reasons for divorce, and gaming increases the risk of bankruptcy. Not to mention the other unscrupulous practices often seen near or in connection to casinos. Please pray that God would have mercy and that He would multiply the efforts of those preserving His Word and His ways.

An exciting opportunity. CWA’s CEO and President Penny Nance and CWA’s Communication’s Director Alison Howard will be speaking at the The Family Leadership Summit and Youth Academy in Urbandale, Iowa. Deemed the biggest political event this year in Iowa with speakers like Sen. Ted Cruz and his father, Rafael; Joe Miller, former Senate candidate from Alaska; Sen. Rick Santorum’ Dr. David Noebel, Del Tackett, and many more proves to be a much anticipated event. The Youth Academy is August 9, 2013, and The Family Leadership Summit is August 10. Both promise to be a full day of great information to empower Christians and inform us as voters.

As you can imagine, we need an army of volunteers for these two events. Volunteering allows you to attend free of charge, plus bless others by helping the day go smoothly. If that might interest you, please consider e-mailing; put “CWA volunteer” in the subject line. Give Kristen your phone number, name, and address, and she’ll be able to discuss various needs to find where you are most comfortable in helping.

Blessings and thank you for your faithfulness. Stand firm and pray without ceasing.

Tamara Scott
State Director
CWA of Iowa