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Letter from ND Choose Life – New TV Ads

By October 14, 2014North Dakota
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Dear Friends,

We have just launched our new TV ads on airwaves across North Dakota, “To North Dakota They Came” and “Measure 1 Stops Them,” illustrating why Measure 1 is important and the consequences North Dakotans will face if it fails to pass.

To North Dakota They Came,” explains that Measure 1 is needed to counter a court ruling from last year, made at the behest of the out-of-state abortion industry, creating a virtually unlimited right to abortion under the state constitution.

The ad informs citizens that because of this ruling, common sense laws will be at risk of being overturned, including laws like providing parents notification if a minor daughter seeks and abortion, ensuring that only physicians with hospital admitting privileges are able to perform abortions, and providing women informed consent.

Measure 1 Stops Them” warns voters not to be fooled by deceptive advertising being aired by opponents that allege the measure would negatively impact end-of-life care and IVF procedures.

The ad quotes past state AARP president Rodger Wetzel, a veteran of 43 years of advocating for the elderly in our state, explaining that Measure 1 is good for North Dakotans and will not impact negatively on end-of-life issues.

As for IVF, the ad informs voters that that Measure 1 is similar to laws on the books in both Arkansas and Missouri and that IVF procedures have not been negatively impacted in those states, nor will it be in North Dakota under Measure 1.

New polling data shows that we can win if we can get our message out across the state and tell North Dakotans the truth about Measure 1. This means our ads are reaching voters at the most crucial time in this campaign to protect our common sense pro-life laws.

For the last week, our opponents have had the airwaves to themselves due to the more than $1.3 million in out-of-state abortion funding they having received.

So, we all need to step up and give what we can!

Will you contribute $150, $250, $500, $1,00 or more NOW so we can buy more airtime? With your generous support, we can stop out-of-state special interest groups from buying this election and interfering with our way of life.

Together, we can protect life in North Dakota and stop out-of-state special interest groups from interfering with our laws.


Janne Myrdal
ND Choose Life

PS: Please forward this to at least 5 friends and family members.