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Let Us Unite in Prayer for the Sanctity of Human Life

By March 15, 2018Illinois
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At this month’s Mayor’s Prayer Breakfast in Freeport,  Sherrie Bicksler prayed for the sanctity of human life.  Sheri is the Executive Director of the Freeport Pregnancy Center and a member of the Freeport CWA Prayer/Action Chapter.

Please join me in praying this prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, Creator of all things, Giver of Life, Who was, Who is, and Who evermore shall be,

I stand before You today on behalf of believers everywhere–especially in America.  Father, we confess before You, we have failed!  Father, forgive us, as individuals and as a nation.  Our founding fathers had it right.  Their hearts were for ‘One Nation Under God’ with ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’ and ‘Justice for all.’

America was founded for religious freedom.  We were created by You with freedom to choose to accept, love, and follow You or do it ‘my way’.

Forgive this nation Father — we have made bad choices and we have gotten it wrong.

WRONG:  just to name a few:

We got it wrong when we removed Bibles from classrooms/schools;
We got it wrong when in 1973 we legalized abortion;
We got it wrong when we legalized same sex marriage.

Your Word is very clear on these issues.

Our freedom to choose has placed leaders who have appointed Justices who have ‘gotten it wrong’.

Father, please forgive us.  Help us make right choices–ones that honor and obey You.

We pray for the nine SCOTUS Justices in all decisions, especially on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. The Freeport Pregnancy Center is one of 23 centers in Illinois and the Pregnancy Resource Centers (PRC) in California presenting Amicus Briefs before the Supreme Court to protect our (and your) rights to ‘Freedom of Speech.’  (AB 775 in California and SB1564 in Illinois mandate medical professionals and PRC workers to refer for abortions, with info on “where, who, and at tax payer expense, and give the benefits of abortion.)

In January 2017, this bill became law in Illinois.  Thank You, God, for protecting Illinois centers who refused to comply.  Thank you, God, that in July 2017, a federal judge granted an injunction calling SB1564 unconstitutional.  We are free, unless appealed and upheld by future actions.

Father, we now join California in taking our cases to SCOTUS via Alliance Defending Freedom and CEO Mike Farris.  We have been seeking You God, praying and trusting for Your Will.  We know Your Will for life.  We plead for Your Will for America, Americans, and our future.

May we stand strong on Your Promises. Our hope and trust are in You.

Thank You Precious Father, Creator of all Life, and God, please, bless America.  Amen.


In Christ,

Debbie Leininger
State Director
CWA of Illinois