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Kansas “Sexual Orientation” Bill Update and Selection of Judges Resolution Bills to Take Action On

By February 2, 2016Kansas
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“Sexual Orientation” Bill HB 2323

Thank you for your prayers and timely action on HB 2323. It was not voted out of committee.  We will keep watch to be sure it does not revive in some other form.

Selection of Judges Resolution Bills HCR 5004 and HCR 5005

Both of these bills are on their way to the House Floor and up for a vote as early as tomorrow.

HCR 5004 calls for elections of the judges.

HCR 5005 is the “Federal Model” that allows the governor to select and the senate to confirm.

We recommend nonpartisan elections, HCR 5004, yet, will support the Federal Model, HCR 5005.  Though HCR 5005 is not our first choice, it is an immense improvement over our current system in which nonelected people decideThe most important thing is to get one of these resolutions to Governor Brownback to sign into law.  No longer will we have nonelected committee members choose our judges.

Praise and Pray:

  • Praise God that the “Sexual Orientation” Bill was not voted out of committee.
  • Pray that our representatives will come to agreement on one of the resolutions concerning judges and that one of the resolutions will pass.

Take Action:

  • Contact the House Member that represents you and encourage him/her to vote for HCR 5004.  Let him/her know though that if he/she votes for HCR 5005, it is better than the system we currently have. Click here to find out who your House Member is and how to contact him/her.  If time allows please contact all House Members to express your opinion.
  • Forward this e-mail on to like-minded friends and family and encourage them to pray and act today.

Thank you for your faithfulness, and may God bless.