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June 25 Prayer Action Alert: Be a Light in the Darkness

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“And the light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.”  John 1:5
“Therefore, having such a hope, we use great boldness.” 2 Corinthians 3:12

We are called to be light in the darkness and to speak boldly because of our hope in Christ Jesus. Now more than ever, you are needed to be a light in the darkness!

Here are ways you can be light bearers in our state:

Attend or Start a Prayer/Action Chapter
Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Washington Prayer/Action Chapters around the state gather monthly to pray, educate, and take appropriate action on issues related to CWA’s seven core issues: defense of family, sanctity of human life, education, sexual exploitation, religious liberty, national sovereignty, and support for Israel.  Please consider joining or leading a chapter in your community!  It is easy, and it encourages so many of us to regularly pray for our nation and our families as we witness the increasing cultural darkness. Contact our state office for more information on CWA’s Prayer/Action Chapters or to find out how to start a chapter.

Pray and Take Action
Comprehensive sex education reminder. If you are concerned about the sex education class offered in your school district, you may opt your child out. Contact your local school for the opt-out protocol. Earlier this year, CWA of Washington recommended considering viable alternatives to the state’s sex ed curriculum. One such alternative for parents who prefer a different approach is Teen-Aid. Teen-Aid Spokane has developed a curriculum that is worth considering. Their program promotes Biblical values that lead to a healthy lifestyle, including teaching abstinence and the skills to live out a Christian lifestyle amid a world attacking those values. Please visit their website to consider enrolling your student.

Drag Queen Story Hour: Drag queens are showing up in public libraries around the state to read books to young children from which parents might not approve. This is an outright assault on our children and parents are beginning to show up at library board meetings to protest this egregious attack on our culture values. Much prayer and action are needed on this very spiritually dark issue.

Update on Barronelle Stutzman. Over the past few years, we have prayed diligently for the case of Washington florist Barronelle Stutzman. Barronelle is the florist who was sued by our Attorney General because she declined to provide flowers to celebrate a same-sex wedding due to her religious beliefs. You can read about the update on her case here. Please continue to pray for Barronelle and the protection of our religious liberty.

Remember to check the CWA national website for updates on ongoing issues: Together, let us shed God’s light boldly into the cultural darkness!

Maureen Richardson
State Director
CWA of Washington