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It Was a Great Day at the Capitol for Our Annual Encourage-A-Legislator Appreciation Day May 13, 2014

By May 20, 2014Louisiana
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On Tuesday, May 13, nine CWA members and Encourage-A-Legislator (EAL) prayer volunteers met at the state capitol for our annual Encourage-A-Legislator Appreciation Day.


When we arrived, we dropped off 144 New Orleans’ style pralines (one for each legislator) with a note of appreciation for their hard work and long hours.


The morning was busy trying to meet legislators in person between their committee meetings; we wanted to introduce them to their EAL prayer volunteer and to thank them for their service to our state.

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We were able to meet with several representatives, and they were so thankful for our prayers.

One representative felt our prayers really help her as sometimes when she starts reading a long complicated bill something will jump out at her, and she understands and knows how to vote; she attributes this insight to prayer.

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One representative came over and asked for her EAL prayer volunteer by name.

One representative asked us to continue to pray for him even after the session was over.

In the afternoon, we went into the House Chambers for the opening session. Rep. Nancy Landry introduced us to the House, and we received a warm welcome. Many more representatives came to meet us with words of gratitude.

One representative came over to find his prayer volunteer and brought one of his postcards with him. He said the verse and message on it were an inspiration and that he had another one at home that continues to be an encouragement to him.

Another said that the Scriptural postcards come just at the right time. One day he was feeling low, and the postcard arrived; it said, “The Lord’s blessing be upon you”, and it lifted his spirit to the One above.

Because most of the CWA ladies that came for the Capitol visit had members of the House of Representatives as their assigned legislator, we spent most of our time on the House side, but we did get to meet one senator. He was able to spend a good bit of time with us. He greatly values our prayers and said they are much needed. On the lighter side, he also said that he couldn’t wait to eat the praline we had brought because the sugar was also greatly needed.

When we went for our time of prayer, we were happy to find that another group was using the Chapel so we had to come back after lunch.

We enjoyed lunch together in the cafeteria renewing old acquaintances and getting to know the three new members.

We rejoice for the opportunity to encourage the legislators and continue the influence of this vital EAL program for “Our help is in the name of the LORD, Who made heaven and earth.” Psalm 125:8

Thank you to everything who participated in the Encourage-A-Legislator program throughout this legislative session. We hope that you as well as others will participate in next year’s program so that we may support more state legislators in 2015 than we ever have in the past.