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I Would Rather Be Caught by ISIS Than Stand with Kim Davis

By September 23, 2015Blog, News and Events
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patrina-mosleyDon’t panic; or maybe you should. The title of this article is based on the consensus I got from an overwhelming number of Christians.

From fellow believers, the response to Kim Davis was surprisingly 50/50. Either she was a hero of the faith, courageous, and may we dare to think we ourselves would put our career on the line, much less be jailed, for our faith; or she was not a hero, she was not courageous, she doesn’t even represent the Christian faith, and I would rather be captured by ISIS than be identified as a homophobic Christian who won’t do their job.

Hyperbole, yes, but that’s essentially the point of some Christians not wanting to stand with Kim Davis — that and they really don’t believe in the First Amendment.

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