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How Did Your Representative Vote on a BAD Abortion Bill?

By November 20, 2023Pennsylvania
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“I do my best to always have a clear conscience toward God and toward people …” Acts 24:16 NET

Last week, a pro-abortion bill, HB 1786, passed in the Pennsylvania House of Representatives by a vote of 117 to 86. Under the guise of reproductive health care services, this bill shields doctors and abortion providers who reside in Pennsylvania from arrest and prosecution should there be complications while performing an out-of-state abortion.

Should HB 1786 ever become state law, Pennsylvania could see an increase in Kermit Gosnells, which jeopardizes women’s health and the lives of the unborn.

Take Action:

Elections have consequences, and we wanted to share how your State Representative voted on the bill.

  1. Use this link to find out who represents you in the state legislature, then click here to find out how your State Representative voted.
  2. If your representative voted AGAINST HB 1786, call or email and thank them. If they voted FOR the bill, call or email and politely let them know your disappointment.

Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Pennsylvania is monitoring HB 1786 closely, and we will alert you if the State Senate takes up the bill.

Pray:  Father, we ask you for wisdom and courage to stand as we have never stood before. Forgive us for the shedding of innocent blood. We ask that you protect the unborn and the aggressive attack on their lives by tenderizing the hearts of our legislators. With love and compassion, help us meet the emotional and practical needs of anyone facing an unplanned pregnancy. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Thank you for your prayer and action.

From knees to feet,
Dilonna M. Coran
State Director

PS: CWA of Pennsylvania actively represents our Pennsylvania members during the state legislative session. Click here to keep up-to-date on our legislative priorities for the session.