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His Standard of Righteousness

By December 19, 2017Blog, Sexual Exploitation
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Lately, we have seen so many situations involving people stepping down from their positions because of inappropriate behavior.

It’s all very disturbing, and yet it’s also no surprise that sin and perversion is so rampant in our society. Now it’s just more evident than ever and out in the open for all to see. The church isn’t exempt either. The Bible says in I Peter 4:17 that judgment begins in the house of God.

Thank God for His standard of righteousness and for His mercy. He is exposing what is hidden in the darkness and bringing it into the light. Now it can be dealt with so redemption can begin to take place. He’s all about redeeming what is broken, twisted, and lost and making people and society whole and in alignment with His Word.

If there was no standard of right and wrong, none of this would even be happening. The fact that it is happening indicates that there is still some moral code remaining in our country, despite how far we have drifted from Biblical standards as a nation.

In the midst of this, there are also situations where some are being falsely accused. We must pray for truth to be made known in each situation and for God’s protection for those who are innocent.

It’s possible that what has been hidden in darkness needs to be dealt with and exposed, because God wants to pour out His Spirit once again on America. As we pray for a thorough house cleaning, may the King of Glory enter in! (Psalm 24)

Denise Cappuccio serves as Director of Finance for Concerned Women for America.