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Help Missouri Reclaim State Control of Education Standards

By May 30, 2014Missouri
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The Missouri General Assembly passed HB1490 on Thursday, May 15. The main purpose of the bill is to define a system wherein state education experts will evaluate and recommend state K-12 education standards. HB1490 passed the House 131-12 and the Senate 23-6. While not going nearly as far in returning local control of education as members of CWA of Missouri and the Missouri Coalition Against Common Core had hoped, the bill is a good first step towards reclaiming state sovereignty over education.

The bill now is on the Governor’s desk. Now is the time to let him know of your support for this legislation. Polite contact will help push it over the finish line.

Please take a moment right now to contact the governor and urge him to sign HB 1490. Tell him you believe curriculum standards should come from the states, not the federal government or some private group. Tell him parents and teachers should be setting those standards, not unaccountable bureaucrats. This bill is good for children, good for parents, good for our schools, and good for Missouri.

Gov. Nixon can be reached a number of ways:
Phone: (573) 751-3222
Twitter: @GovJayNixonFacebook

Please pray that Gov. Nixon will sign the bill or let the bill become law by not vetoing it. Pray for the parents and concerned citizens across Missouri who have been working to stop the Common Core “State” Standards; pray that they will be encouraged by this victory with the passage of HB1490 and that they will stay in the fight to regain local control. Pray that more parents across Missouri will take seriously their God-given responsibility for the education of their children. Pray for favor, protection and energy for the leaders in Missouri who have worked day in and day out on this issue.

Missourians, You Can Help Stop Common Core in Oklahoma and the Nation
The Oklahoma state legislature has passed HB3399 which would immediately repeal Common Core and return control of education standards to the state.

It is up to Gov. Fallin to sign this bill into law. She needs to hear from concerned citizens everywhere. Oklahoma students will benefit immediately, but other states will see that repealing Common Core is achievable and will be inspired to follow suit. Although you are not an Oklahoma resident, you share the concerns of many Oklahomans that the federal government and private interest groups have taken control of our education system.

Since Gov. Fallin is the chair of the National Governors Association, which is a key supporter of Common Core, her repudiation would seriously damage Common Core’s credibility. This is a matter of national importance, so Gov. Fallin needs to hear from you.
Please call Gov. Fallin at 405-521-2342. Ask her to sign HR3399 and end Common Core in Oklahoma.

Please pray that Gov. Fallin will be moved to stop Common Core in Oklahoma.

Thank you in advance for your diligence.