Groundbreaking Research in the Fight Against Pornography

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The social costs of pornography, while hidden, are devastating both for society at large as well as the person viewing. The Witherspoon Institute has released a new study, The Social Costs of Pornography, that shows the dangers of widespread pornography use on public health and personal as well as familial wellbeing. It gathers together research from various disciplines showing that today’s pornography is more damaging than ever before thanks to the Internet. Not only is pornography easily available, it is more realistic thanks to streaming images, and more hard-core than the pornography of previous generations. This study shows that for some users, that pornography is psychologically addictive, and has negative impacts on interpersonal relationships, sexual health and performance, and productivity. It also shows that even people not immediately connected to the consumers of pornography are nonetheless harmed.

James Stoner, Professor of Political Science, Louisiana State University

Mary Eberstadt, Research Fellow, The Hoover Institution

Mary Anne Layden, Director of the Sexual Trauma and Psychopathology Program, Center for Cognitive Therapy, Department of Psychiatry, University of Pennsylvania

W. Bradford Wilcox, Professor of Sociology, University of Virginia

Emmett McGroarty, Director, Preserve Innocence Project, American Principles Project


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