Great News! North Dakota Senate Vote – Marriage Defined as Between One Man and One Woman, Only

By January 11, 2017North Dakota
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SB 2043, a bill attempting redefinition of marriage in North Dakota, did not pass yesterday! This means our statutes will continue to follow our State Constitution, which defines marriage as between one man and one woman.

Thank you everyone for diligently praying and contacting your lawmakers!  CWA of North Dakota knows your voice was heard!  We needed 29 “nay” votes to defeat the bill; the final tally was 31-15!

CWA of North Dakota is thanking God for respectable leadership in our state!   Be encouraged.

Senator Janne Myrdal (R-District10) carried the bill to the Senate floor and asked for a “nay” vote from her fellow Senators:

“ … SB 2043 seeks to redefine the statutes — the terms ‘spouse’ and ‘marriage’ as ‘two individuals living together who are  married to each other’.  However, currently subsection 1 of section 12.1-23-09 of the North Dakota Century Code defines clearly the terms spouse and marriage as persons living together as husband and wife.  The proposed changed seems arbitrary; however, our North Dakota Constitution clearly defines marriage as between one man and one woman and it reads, ‘marriage consists only of the legal union between a man and a woman, no other domestic union however denominated may be recognized as marriage’.  Something that is defined in the North Dakota Constitution should not be redefined in statute.…  SB 2043 will actually accomplish functionally nothing, though it will serve to diminish with official intent the honor and sacredness of what the human institution of marriage is described as in North Dakota Constitution as it stands today … my Judiciary members can concur to this; we have been overwhelmed with e-mails and phone calls and the last count as of a few days ago, it was 90 percent in favor of ‘do not pass’.”

Watch for yourself the discussion and vote on the senate floor.  Click here and begin viewing at 1:16:00.

“Blessed are they who keep His statutes and seek Him with all their heart.” (Ps. 119:2)

“I have chosen the way of truth; I have set my heart on Your laws.”  (Ps 119:30)

“Righteous are you, O Lord, and Your laws are right.  The statutes You have laid down are righteous; they are fully trustworthy.”  (Ps. 119:137, 138)

Praise the Lord!  He alone is worthy of our praise!

Now, one more thing; please take a moment today to thank your senator if he/she voted against SB 2043.  Some are reporting that they are getting significant kickback from constituents who disagree with their “nay” vote. If you do not know who you senator is, click here.

January 10, 2017 “Nay” vote on SB 2043

Sen. Howard Anderson, (R-District 8) [email protected]

Sen. Bill Bowman, (R-District 39) [email protected]

Sen. Randall Burckhard, (R-District 5) [email protected]

Sen. Tom Campbell, (R-District 19) [email protected]

Sen. Jonathan Casper, (R-District 27) [email protected]

Sen. David Clemens, (R-District 16) [email protected]

Sen. Dwight Cook, (R-District 34) [email protected]

Sen. Dick Dever (R-District 32) [email protected]

Sen. Jim Dozenrod, (D-District 26) [email protected]

Sen. Robert Erberle, (R-District 28) [email protected]

Sen. David Hoguem, (R-District 38) [email protected]

Sen. Jordan Kannianen, (R-District 4) [email protected]

Sen. Ralph Kilzer, (R-District 47) [email protected]

Sen. Jerry Klien, (R-District 14) [email protected]

Sen. Curt Kreun (R-District 42) [email protected]

Sen. Lonnie Laffen, (R-District 43) [email protected]

Sen. Oley Larson, (R-District 3) [email protected]

Sen. Diane Larson, (R-District 30) [email protected]

Sen. Gary Lee, (R-District 22) [email protected]

Sen. Larry Luick, (R-District 25) [email protected]

Sen. Janne Myrdal, (R-District 10) [email protected]

Sen. Arne Osland, (R-District 20) [email protected]

Sen. Larry Robinson,(D- District 24) [email protected]

Sen. Jim Roers, (R-District 46) [email protected]

Sen. David Rust, (R-District 2) [email protected]

Sen. Donald Schaible, (R-District 31) [email protected]

Sen. Ronald Sorvagg, (R-District 45) [email protected]

Sen. Jessica Unruh, (R-District 33) [email protected]

Sen. Shawn Vedaa, (R-District 6) [email protected]

Sen. Terry Wanzek, (R-District 29) [email protected]

Sen. Rich Wardner, (R-District 37) [email protected]


Linda Thorson
State Director
CWA of North Dakota
[email protected]