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Good Pro-Life Bill Dies

By February 23, 2023Colorado
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Last Friday, the House Health and Insurance Committee failed to move on a good pro-life bill in which you prayed and took action. The committee “postponed indefinitely” HB23-1150, the Information Abortion Pill Reversal bill. I was present at the hearing representing your voice, and my written testimony in support of the bill was submitted for the record.

The defeat of HB23-1150 was a grave injustice to women in Colorado seeking to reverse their abortion. The bill simply sought to require the state to provide state-prepared information concerning abortion pill reversal to any woman seeking an abortion. Excellent testimony was presented to support the need for women to have easy access to this information in a timely manner.

The science behind the safety and efficacy of abortion reversal is clear. We will continue to fight for our state’s women and their unborn babies. Thank you for taking action and praying. Our work is not in vain.

Colorado was founded on a motto that encourages us to continue in the fight: “Nothing but by Providence.” Psalms 85:12 reminds us, “Truth will spring up from the earth, and justice will look down from heaven.” Please pray with Concerned Women for America of Colorado for a move of the Holy Spirit on the Colorado Capitol.

Thank you!

Karen Pennington
State Director