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Good Ads Score with Viewers

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In a year when the advertisements at the Super Bowl descended into what has become an annual cesspool of tastelessness and crudity, the “good” ads won with viewers. According to USA Today’s Ad Meter, viewers voted the “good” ads as the best Super Bowl XLVII commercials.

From highest to lowest scores of ads in the top 10:

7.76 –– Anheuser-Busch Horse and trainer reunited

7.75 –– Tide Miracle Stain

7:43 –– Dodge RAM Farmers/Paul Harvey

7:27 –– Doritos Fashionista Dad

7:20 –– Jeep Families Waiting

In the “Bottom Five” were the two Black Crown party commercials, and at the bottom of the list was the ad that “might have earned the most buzz for the night” –– Go Daddy’s commercial featuring Bar Refaeli kissing (making out with) a tech worker.

It appears that the “party” and “making out” scene is not something that most Americans want to see when their family gathers around the TV set to watch the Super Bowl. One has to wonder if the creative “geniuses” at the corporations understand Americans or the Super Bowl at all.