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God and Defining Marriage

By August 20, 2014Virginia
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We as a country have lost sight of God – Almighty God – a holy and righteous God. He is not on our minds or in our actions. Our Founding Fathers had God on their minds and in their actions when fighting for and creating this great nation!

Man cannot redefine marriage which God created in the Garden of Eden – “male and female created He them.” God brought Adam and Eve together to create a bond for companionship, partnership, intimacy (sexual pleasure) and procreation. Marriage in the natural sense cannot be anything other than one man and one woman, and marriage in the spiritual sense can be no less.

Marriage was created as a picture of Christ and the Church. The Church is referred to in the Bible as the Bride of Christ, and there will be a Marriage Supper of the Lamb in Heaven at the end of this age.

The cases against the various states’ Marriage Amendments have made a mockery of God and His institution of marriage all in the name of freedom and non-discrimination. Try as we may, we cannot break down the barriers and the roles that God has set up between male and female.

Children deserve a father (male) and a mother (female) to become a complete, emotionally-stable adult. A father provides what a mother cannot, and a mother provides what a father cannot. Their roles in the family are different, and their relationships with their children are different. The role of the father is breadwinner and protector (physical); the role of the mother is nurturer (emotional).

Yes, men can be nurturing; yes, men can be compassionate and loving, but when we live within God’s constraints, lives are changed and come in conformity with God’s standards.

This is a call for repentance and renewal of our Christian heritage and values. These are what has made America great and will restore America to her rightful place in our world.