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Today is the official launch of a new website called Concerned Women for America is proud to sponsor this website because we believe it is important for women to know they have real choices when it comes to health care. Concerned Women for America Communications Coordinator Janae Stracke spoke at the website’s launch press conference earlier this morning. Below are her Statements:

“Five short years ago, my sister found out she was pregnant. She was twenty years old and unmarried. She had college to finish, bills to pay, and a lot of fear. It wasn’t a planned pregnancy, and it certainly wasn’t convenient. The day she told me she was pregnant was the first time I could fathom why someone would even consider having an abortion – an act I had previously very callously held against the mothers who chose such an evil operation.

“I was hurting for my sister and more than anything wanted to make it all go away. I suddenly got a very small glimpse of what I imagine so many women who chose abortion experience. At that point, I couldn’t see what I see now. I couldn’t see the face of my precious niece. I couldn’t hear her laughter, know her silly personality, or feel the joy she has brought to my family. I could only selfishly see and feel the fear and stress of what was to come.

“For a brief moment, I started to play God in my mind – making assumptions about how this would negatively affect my sister’s future. I desperately wanted to find a ‘way out’ for her, but what was done was done, and I knew there was now another life to be considered.

“What makes my sister’s story different from many other women’s is that she had a loving family to support her, a church family praying for her, and the father standing by her side. I’m thrilled to share my sister is now happily married with two beautiful and smart children. But my sister’s story could have looked very different. I try to put myself in the shoes of the women I used to judge. What if I was pregnant, even a minor, didn’t have family or faith supporting me, and all I know is there is a Planned Parenthood clinic offering to take care of me? Suddenly, I’m sitting in an office, scared and alone, being told abortion is my best option.

“I don’t believe these women are malicious or want to kill their baby. I believe they are petrified and don’t see any other options. That’s why we have created This website gives women an easy-to-use resource to locate the nearest low-cost and high-quality care clinics to care for their well-being and health as a whole. We want to educate women on the thousands of options out there. These clinics outnumber Planned Parenthood twenty to one and offer more comprehensive services than Planned Parenthood.

“Planned Parenthood has repeatedly proven they are untrustworthy, and it is time we stop blindly giving them our hard-earned tax dollars. Not another penny should be given to an organization who has been caught lying, covering up sexual abuse, and clearly cares more about their own monetary gain than they do about life itself. If they don’t care about the baby’s life, what makes us think they care about the woman’s life? I urge Congress to stop funding Planned Parenthood and instead to give our money to these Federally Qualified Health Centers.”

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