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For America (Day 50)

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God Almighty, El Shaddai;
Creator, Mighty and Strong, Elohim;
Lord, Adonai;
Yahweh …

We stand in awe of Your works
And thank You for Your mercies.
The earth is filled with them,
And nature proclaims Your wondrous deeds.

With a humbled and contrite heart
We come before You, oh Lord,
Asking for Your direction and leading
For our nation and the world.

We know Your thoughts are far and above
Anything we can dream or imagine;
Therefore, we rest completely on Your counsel.
Help us to seek Your ways above our own.

Do not let evil prevail.
Rise up, oh God, and show Your power
Among your children
Here in America.

We desperately need You!
Renew our commitment to Your Word,
And keep us strong in the midst
Of tribulation and increased persecution.

Give us courage and strength.
Give us words to speak in truth and love.
Give us a vision of Your plans
And clear direction for the task at hand.

We pray for unity and love
To reign in Your church.
We pray for boldness as never seen
In America.

We believe we can do
All things in You, and through You,
The Most High, El Elyon;
The Everlasting One, El-Olam.

The Great I Am.