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For America (Day 48)

By March 10, 2015Prayer
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Our Father,

Give us our daily provision of mercy and kindness.
Help us to number our days so that we may walk in fear of You.
We thank You, Lord, for what You have already done for us:
Making us strong, resilient, brave, and free.

We can turn our eyes to You at any time because You love us.
But Lord, when we take our eyes off of You,we must call on Your name,
Forsake our wicked ways, humble ourselves, and seek Your face.
The experience of Your grace will remind us that it’s never too late.

For in Your way, O Lord, is freedom, righteousness, and healing for the nation,
Healing for the people.
You are a good God, One Who doesn’t leave wanderers to their own devices.
But leads the way willingly and lovingly like a good shepherd.

Your Name is like no other and brings people to their knees.
It melts their hearts of stone and makes their dirty, sin-stained hearts as white as snow.
Lord, do not weary in taking us in. Deal gently with us
So that those who know Your Name may praise You
And those who do not may come to know You.

We have asked a lot of You but give us our daily provision of mercy and kindness.
As we number our days, we will remember Your hand
From the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that.

Every morning, let us see Your faithfulness.