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For America (Day 45)

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Dear Lord, our King,

As we see America tumbling down
To complete blindness and moral chaos,
We turn to You.

The Scriptures tell us the way to redemption
Is to take heed of Your Word.
Would You put that desire in us,
A desire to seek wisdom in our statutes?

Would You help us to value Your Word
Above all?
Put in every American a thirst
To seek You With their whole heart.

Open our eyes that we may see
The hidden treasures You have laid out
For us in Your Word.
May we esteem them above gold or silver.

Teach us Your statutes,
Teach us how to be a people
Seeking to do good
And despising evil.

Help us distinguish between the two
And reject the world’s moral relativism.
Take away anything that would get in the way Of our meditation on Your precepts.

May our souls break with longing
For Your ways, Your light.
May we thirst for truth again,
Your Word is truth.

Hear us, Oh Lord,
Do not leave us to our own understanding, For we are weak and Can do nothing apart from You.

In Christ,