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For America (Day 41)

By January 28, 2015Prayer
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Who shall stand in judgment of Your judgments, oh Lord?
You are holy, Your ways unsearchable,
Your purposes beyond reproach.

On the last day, every knee shall bow
And every tongue shall confess
That You are Lord.

Not only that, but we shall also praise
Your judgments as righteous,
Perfect and good.

Grant us understanding, precious Father,
To know your ways more deeply
And help us to instill your righteousness
In all the earth, especially here in America.

Help us to keep Your principles and statutes
Ever-present in both our minds and our children’s minds.
Help us to see how foolish it is
To seek for what is good apart from You.

If we want our children to be good, just and righteous,
Respectful, kind, charitable and productive,
Let us see that we must teach them Your ways
Above all.

For their fruitfulness will come
From Your blessing and not
From the accumulation of human knowledge.

Help us restore the true purpose of our public schools.
Help us to remember our history,
One full of reliance upon You.

Help us to see the error of our ways.
Help us to repent and turn back to You.
Help us to grab a hold of grace,
That we may glorify Your name
For the rest of our days.