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For America (Day 30)

By December 16, 2014Prayer
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Dear Heavenly Father,

Look upon us with Your mercy. Hear the desperate cry of those who are willing to acknowledge You.

Father, we do not ask You for more “stuff” but rather for more mercy, kindness, and protection- not that we deserve anything from Your hand. However, we are seeking Your face. You alone are that wise and loving God who saves anyone who calls upon Your name.

O Lord, Your Word tells us that Your name, Jesus, is exalted above every name and every knee, of those in heaven and those on earth shall bow down before You and confess that You are LORD (Philippians 2:10).

We know You hear us, but let us hear a word from You. Send us a promise of Your restoration for our land with another remnant that fears You.

Right now we will remember Your glorious deeds towards us that You have displayed before the watching world.

Lord, those who know Your name will give You thanks before the nations.

May America, recognize the Lord; may it recognize that the Lord is glorious and strong (1 Chronicles 16:24-29).