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For America (Day 13)

By November 16, 2014Prayer
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How stubborn we can be!
Be merciful, Oh Lord. …
We follow our own plans
Instead of Yours.

Forgive us.

We trust in our own understanding,
And devise many plans,
Yea, even our very lives,
Without the direction
Of Your Holy Spirit.

We repent.

Like the people of Israel choosing
The slavery of Egypt
Over the freedom of the Red Sea,
We, too, fail to see that You can part it in two.

The impossible loses its impossibility in You.
Help our unbelief, precious Lord.
Forgive us for most times we are not even
Fully aware of the magnitude of our sins.

Help us see the false security of Pharaoh;
Let us not fall into the same trap.
May our eyes be set on things above,
And may we confidently reject the tempting offers of the world.

For we know the change we seek in our land
Can only come through our obedience to You.
Your promises never change.
You are the same yesterday, today, and forevermore.

It is we, Your people, who must trust in Your covenant promises.
Help us.

Help us walk worthy of the calling You have placed in our lives.
Help our nation turn to You.

In Christ, we pray …