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Follow-up on February 19, Day of Fasting and Prayer

By February 24, 2020Kansas
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Nearly 500 people participated in the February 19, prayer rally for the unborn in Topeka. We felt the presence of the Lord at the rally and committed ourselves to look to Him instead of ourselves to get the Value Them Both Amendment passed.  The House and the Senate galleys were packed with prayer warriors.  At noon we all gathered in the rotunda and prayed.  I had the honor to represent Concerned Women for America (CWA) of Kansas as I lead a prayer for women and babies – the true victims of abortion. To God, be the glory for He put that prayer on my heart.

Update on the Value Them Both Amendment
As I reported here, the amendment passed the Senate but failed to get the necessary 84 votes in the House. However, President of the Senate, Susan Wagle (R-District 30 ) and Speaker of the House Ron Ryckman (R-District 78) are still committed to passing the amendment, as are many senators and representatives.

What can you do?

#1. Letters to the editor on the importance of passing the pro-life amendment are critical. Legislators do read what is printed in their local newspapers (both printed and online). Will you commit to writing a letter to your local newspaper today? Here are some helpful tips:

  • Adhere to the printed guidelines for letter-writing provided by the publications.  These guidelines are usually printed near the column on a daily or weekly basis.  Letters normally should be no longer than 250 words.  Remember that editors reserve the right to edit your letter.  They may edit one word, or they may cut your most important paragraphs.  But don’t get discouraged!
  • Keep your letters simple, direct, and well-reasoned.  Expressing your anger is fine, but avoid hysteria. Be careful to avoid unproven assertions or you will jeopardize your credibility.
  • Cover the topic of the life amendment only.  Do not try to discuss more than one issue, or your letter will lose effectiveness.
  • At the bottom of the letter, sign your name and give your address and daytime telephone number.  Editors will not publish anonymous letters, and most will call to confirm that you wrote the letter.
  • Write while this issue is hot!  Don’t delay writing your letter.
  • Use short quotations from authoritative sources. For background information on the amendment, click here and here.

#2. Please forward this e-alert onto friends, family, and acquaintances.

Join me in prayer:  Father in Heaven, we thank you for our faithful CWA of Kansas members who have been praying, coming to the Capitol, and calling, writing, and emailing their legislators. We continue to ask You to soften the hearts of the legislators who are voting against this pro-life amendment. Lord, we ask that You make a way for this amendment to come up for another vote in this session. Thank you, Father. Amen

Thank you for all you have done, especially the prayers.

Barbara Saldivar
State Director