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Exposing the Evil Link Between “Reproductive Rights” and the Trans Agenda

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Evil enjoys company. Those of you who have studied Planned Parenthood’s agenda, for example, have noticed for many years how forcefully they worked to promote sexual immorality. Though their big money-making enterprise is abortions directed toward poor women, they exert an equal amount of energy to harness lasciviousness in every teen and child with whom they come in contact.

It is no surprise then to see Big Abortion deeply invested in the push to “trans” kids. Your child ages 13-19 can go chat live with other LGBTQ+ children at Planned Parenthood’s “Q Chat” space and learn all about puberty blockers and transitioning. And don’t worry, parents, Planned Parenthood’s trained facilitators are there to keep it all LGBTQ+ affirming. You know, so none of that Bible stuff will get on their head.

However, the problem is more profound than that of outside leftist organizations. Our government is starting to use its power to promote this. A November ballot initiative in Missouri illustrates the problem. It seeks to amend the state constitution to create a right to “reproductive freedom.” The language, I hope, immediately lets you know it is a euphemism for abortion. But the agenda goes deeper than that now.

You see, gender transition surgeries have to do with a person’s reproductive organs. So, is it part of “reproductive health.” The specific measure in Missouri entails “the right to make and carry out decisions about all matters relating to reproductive health care, including but not limited to prenatal care, childbirth, postpartum care, birth control, abortion care, miscarriage care, and respectful birthing conditions.”

Is so-called “gender-affirming care” part of what is being envisioned here when the language places no limit on the broad definition? You can rest assured that the government bureaucrats administering this are thinking that way. There is no stopping this train once it is enshrined in the state constitution of all places.

We don’t even have to wonder. In a recent statement noting this threat related to Missouri, more than forty leaders point out the many places where the Left has made this explicit. The University of Chicago’s “trans clinic,” for example, defines “reproductive health services” as including “gender-affirming” surgeries, menstrual suppression, and abortion.

Noting this link is incredibly important for you as state leaders. Wherever you read about “reproductive healthcare,” you’ll have to account for this development that the other side is using more aggressively now that they feel they have the momentum following the fall of Roe.