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Don’t Draft Our Daughters

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“The 2025 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) introduced in the U.S. Senate is the new vehicle to eradicate any acknowledgment of the sexes in federal law. The NDAA would require young women to register with the selective service, requiring them to be drafted for combat in the name of ‘equality,’ once again confusing the term with ‘sameness,’ writes CWA’s Macy Petty in an op-ed for “From the playing field to the front lines, destroying sex-based protections continues to place women in danger by ignoring their biological differences and forcing them to conform to something they will never be: men. And these consequences couldn’t be more dire.” CWA is building a coalition of opposition to the Senate NDAA.

Drafting women in the military: The next battle in far left’s crusade for ‘sameness’ is available at