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Don’t Fail the Silent Children

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Recently, I found myself extremely touched by a Stuart Townsend song titled, How Long?

How long before we see Your righteous hand?

How long before Your name is lifted high?

How long before the weeping turns to songs of joy?


Lord, we know Your heart is broken

By the evil that You see,

And You’ve stayed Your hand of judgement

For You plan to set men free.

But the land is still in darkness,

And we’ve fled from what is right;

We have failed the silent children

Who will never see the light.

To me, this song so accurately depicted the abortion crisis.  Knowing more and more each week the horrors of abortion and Planned Parenthood, we can’t help but cry out for Jesus’ righteous hand to come.

But God speaks back to us, I think, and He asks us, “How long, oh my people, until you stand up for the unborn?”  We are the ones called to be that righteous hand — that body of Christ working for justice.  We are to be that light in the darkness.  We cannot fail those silent children, slaughtered each and every day in our nation.

We are all called to the pro-life movement in different ways.  It could be directly through legislation, sidewalk counseling, or writing.  For others, it’s through conversations, or fundraising, or volunteering at pregnancy centers, or just being a loving parent.  For everyone, being pro-life also means choosing life ourselves — living in the abundancy that Christ offers us and turning away from our own sin and darkness.

We are part of God’s plan to set men free, and each day we must chose life anew for ourselves as we also advocate for it all around us.