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DIAZ: The Worst Part is it All Could Have Been Prevented

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United States Attorney General Eric Holder’s deliberate incompetence might be getting enough attention in the press so that we might be able to finally see him leave office before more people get hurt. Knock on wood. But the worst part about it is that this could have all been prevented. He should have been gone long ago. Concerned Women for America (CWA), the nation’s largest public policy women’s organization, has been calling for the Attorney General’s resignation since March 2010. Back then, in an article called “Holder Holding By a Thread,” we wrote, “For our country’s sake, it’s time to cut the thread holding Holder at DOJ.” Our press release declared, “Women Do Not Feel Safe With Holder at the Helm.”

The reason was that it was clear from the beginning that Holder was a political operative interested in promoting a radical leftist agenda to undo all the “damage” the Obama Administration thought the Bush Administration had done. There was never any interest in law or justice. And nothing has changed. All we are seeing are the fruits of the seed Obama planted by appointing him to the Attorney General position.

All this “I don’t know” business is the same old tactics we have seen throughout his career at Department of Justice (DOJ). At his confirmation hearings Holder “forgot” to disclose several crucial documents, including a Supreme Court brief where Holder opposed the detention of dirty bomb terrorist Jose Padilla as an enemy combatant. That was a big omission, given Holder’s extremist views of who should be treated as a terrorist and who should be treated as a common criminal. At one hearing, he could not even bring himself to say that if we ever captured Osama bin Laden there would be no reason to read him Miranda rights. “You are talking about a hypothetical