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Recommended Reading: Defining the ‘Swamp’

By April 9, 2018South Dakota
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A must read on concerning the problems with Article V Convention, AKA Convention of States.

Defining the ‘Swamp’

A good discussion needs clear definitions, so I am going to define “swamp” for Jeffrey Church re: his March 9 letter to the editor (‘Eighteen state senators vote to keep the swamp’) and for readers, as it will clear up the issue.

The swamp is the entrenched, rut riding bureaucrats that permeate our civic institutions. It is not the institutions and it is not the Constitution that is the problem. Let us keep the focus on the problems. If we can maintain our focus, then we do the hard work of replacing bureaucrats with statesmen.

Church will not fix “decades of overreach, judicial legislation and surrender of state sovereignty” with a new Constitution and the same bad riders. Our Constitution is neither vague nor silent, our legislators are. We need new riders, not a new Constitution. Fear sits on the gate with those that beg for a new horse when all we need is a better rider. In the history of modern government, there has never been such a fine, longstanding and democratic document as our U.S. Constitution. Leave it alone. Retain the focused senators that see the problems with an Article V convention and don’t let the “swamp” change the Constitution.