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Defending the Born Identity

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The battle over when life begins ultimately boils down to differing worldviews. But when the conversation flips to life outside the womb, it should be a bipartisan, basic human rights issue … right?

One would think.

Astonishingly, the conversation has in fact moved to babies outside of the womb, and members of Congress are recognizing the need for language which now protects living, breathing babies who are born alive as the result of an attempted abortion.

It is mind-boggling that a child’s right to life outside the womb is even in question. But, seeing as the U.S. is only one of the seven nations in the world that allows abortion past 20 weeks or has no restriction on gestational age — in a camp with nations like Canada, China, The Netherlands, North Korea, Singapore, and Vietnam — explains the progression from where such a thought stems. Ultimately, it underscores just how lax we have become about respecting human dignity.

Currently, there is no federal directive to ensure abortion providers report the care given to infants who survive failed abortions. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a 2003-13 query shows 362 newborn deaths due to an attempted termination of pregnancy. That said, experts say the actual numbers are likely much greater but go unacknowledged due to voluntary underreporting.

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