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CWALAC Urges Senators to Stand Against Biden’s Woke Agenda in the Military

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(Action item at the end of the article.)

In a letter to the United States Senate, Concerned Women for America LAC (CWALAC) is urging Senators to stand against the Biden Administration’s illegal push for social engineering in the military by voting against the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA). This must-pass funding bill should be laser-focused on our nation’s military readiness. Instead, as the letter explains:

[T]he Biden Administration has utilized America’s military as a vehicle to push its progressive social policies in contravention of longstanding federal policies. The House NDAA addressed this by including crucial provisions to defund the Biden Administration’s unlawful DoD abortion policy, prohibit tax dollars from going towards so-called gender transition surgeries, and other non-defense-oriented social goals.

Not only were these crucial provisions stripped from the NDAA text in conference, but the manner in which the final report came about is also objectionable. Not all conferees were able to participate to make the concerns of millions of conservatives heard. They were boxed out of crucial NDAA discussions that included a four-month extension of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) without any consideration for the egregious violations we have seen in recent years. Such actions are unacceptable for a bill of such impact as the NDAA. FISA is not even germane to NDAA, and thus should have never been included.

Click here to read the letter and call your senators to make your voice heard. Ask them to stand firm for military readiness and against the push for radical woke policies in the military. Ask them to oppose the NDAA as it currently stands.