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CWALAC Stands Against the Expansion of Gambling in Alabama

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Click here to listen to the current radio spot in Alabama to stop the current power grab by certain casino bosses to expand slot machine gambling in the state.


BILL:Hey Jim, you got a 5/16ths handy?

JIM:Yeah sure Bill, here you go.

BILL:Thanks man, I can always count on you.Now I just hope I can count on Senator Mitchell to vote against that casino bill.

JIM:Walkin’ Wendell?I saw in the paper where he said he can’t support a bill that expands gambling in our state.

BILL:Good.Then he’s against that corrupt casino bill we’ve been hearing so much about.

JIM:Sure he is.That bill legalizes and expands casinos statewide.It gives Milton McGregor and a few other gambling bosses a no-bid casino monopoly – forever.

BILL:A no-bid monopoly? Surely Senator Mitchell won’t support that.

JIM:Well, you know what he always says, “I’ll go with you or I’ll go for you”.

BILL:Well if he goes for the casino bill –

JIM:We’ll go with someone else on Election Day.

BILL:Yep.It’s time for Wendell to walk the walk.