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CWA of Texas Proposed Resolutions

By March 4, 2014Texas
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Today is Election Day. Most of you may be aware that the creation of a party platform begins at your local precinct convention. Most counties have precinct conventions immediately after the polls close on Election Day.

The beginning of a party platform starts by first presenting a resolution at your local precinct meeting and handing it to the precinct chairman in TRIPLICATE by delegates for discussion and may address any topic. A resolution is simply a formal statement or expression of an opinion voted on at a political convention. Each political party has a precinct convention. Below we have provided you a list of resolutions that Concerned Women for America of Texas believes will help Texas stand strong. You can print these resolutions and take them to your preferred party precinct convention to be submitted as a part of the party platform. We have also provided you links for information about the party precinct conventions.

Be sure to know the reasoning behind your resolution as the group may have questions. Resolutions may be revised by adding or deleting and then voted on. Resolutions passed by delegates at the precinct convention are sent to the county/state convention level for consideration and may eventually become part of the State Party Platform.

Click on the links below to read and print the resolutions:

1. Religious Liberty Resolution

2. Marriage Education Resolution

3. Divorce Conditions Resolution

4. American Law For American Courts Resolution

5. Sanctuary Cities Resolution

6. Charter Teacher Citizenship Requirement Resolution

7. DNR Resolution

8. Insurance Resolution

9. Forfeiture Resolution

10. Judicial By-Pass Regulation Resolution

Click here for Republican Party Precinct Convention information.

Click here for Democratic Party Precinct Convention information.

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