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CWA of North Dakota Commends State Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s Move to Appeal the Heartbeat Bill to the Supreme Court

By October 15, 2015North Dakota
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Concerned Women for America of North Dakota stands in strong support of providing basic protection to human life from the very first stages of existence. “I believe a heartbeat demonstrates there is life in the womb. North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem’s move to appeal HB 1456 to the U.S. Supreme Court is supported by CWA of North Dakota,” stated CWA of North Dakota State Director, Linda Thorson.

The heartbeat bill, HB 1456 would put limitations on abortion after determination of detectable heartbeat in an unborn child and would provide grounds for disciplinary action for physicians; and to provide a penalty.

The heartbeat bill based on solid scientific evidence demonstrates the humanity of embryonic human life. The advancement of science and technology now give us amazing and convincing clarity as to when life begins. It is no longer a valid debate over when life starts, but rather the debate, as it should have always been, is whether life deserves full protection under our laws. The courts have left the State with a legitimate interest from the outset of pregnancy to protect the life – or potential life, of the baby. What is set before us today as a State is simple: Is the human being an individual member of the species homo sapiens at the very first stages of development? And does, therefore, this unborn child deserve the full protection under North Dakota laws regardless of gestational age? CWA believes it does. We think it is incumbent on the court to secure the rights of all human beings under the law.

Read CWA of North Dakotas Testimony given on January 30, 2013 before the North Dakota House Human Services Committee.