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CWA of North Dakota Announces Appointment of Beth Brown as State Prayer/Action Chapter Coordinator

By March 23, 2010North Dakota
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“I am thrilled to have Beth take charge of the most important work of CWA in our state, that of the Prayer/Action Chapters. Beth is not only a dear friend, but has the integrity, passion and commitment to the Lord and to the core values of CWA that we need. Prayer Action Chapters are the true backbone of all we do in CWA, and without these great prayer teams, we would accomplish nothing worthwhile!” – Janne Myrdal, State Director

Beth recently wrote an inspiring article as to why she is involved in the battle to preserve Biblical values in the public square. Please read it and contact Beth about getting involved.

Now More Than Ever
By Beth Brown

Do you remember the Bible story about Esther? She was the young Hebrew girl who, as a result of “circumstance”, found herself the new queen of Persia. When the King decided he needed a new queen who was young and beautiful, Esther was among those chosen for the King’s approval. Only later, while she was living in the palace, did she discover that God had a greater purpose in her being there. As the familiar plot unfolds, Esther discovered that God wants to use her as a tool to deliver His chosen people from an evil enemy who was seeking to destroy them.

I am finding, like Esther, there is more to my story, too. No, I’ve not been chosen to be queen! Like most women, my days are full with home and family obligations. I volunteer for church, school, and community events, and I am busy with my own hobbies. Lately, I am sensing another call. I’m sensing that God is calling me to stand up for the Constitution and our nation’s founding principles. In the last couple of years, I’ve become more and more concerned about the state of our country. I had never planned to become “political”. Oh, I have watched with interest the happenings in our state and nation’s capitals, but I didn’t plan to become personally involved until now.

Esther did not plan to be the queen of Persia. She did not seek a place in a palace. Truly, had it been her choice, she would have been living quietly with her uncle in the village where she was raised . But, that was not what God had planned for her? Is that what God has planned for each of us?

We are at a place in our nation’s history where God is asking something of us. He is calling us to pray and to stand up for our Christian liberties. Now, more than ever, our Judeo-Christian roots are being attacked. Freedom and liberty, the very foundations of our country, are under assault. Most of us recognize that “someone” must do “something”, but we really have no idea “who” or “what” might be involved. Just like Esther, we are content to simply live our lives without much thought as to how God might want to use us. But, by just living our lives, are we really being obedient? Are we standing up as the Lord asks? The Bible says that God wants us to pray. Pray for our country. Pray for our leaders. Pray for the issues and the legislation that they are considering. To pray effectively, we must be informed about those issues. We need to get involved in the process and learn what it is we are to do. Spend time in prayer to find out what it is that God wants YOU to do.

Esther found herself in a situation; she chose obedience, and she allowed herself to be used by God. But, Esther could have chosen not to get involved. She might have reasoned that she was too insignificant to make a difference. Esther could have made the argument that she wasn’t a gifted public speaker or wasn’t sophisticated enough. If she had declined to do what God asked, would it have limited Him? Would He have been caught without a plan to save His people? Would the Jewish people have been destroyed? No! God planned all along to rescue the Hebrews. So He gave Esther the choice to be obedient. He gave her the opportunity to serve Him and to help Him accomplish a goal. Esther was part of that history because she chose to answer God’s call and chose to be available “for such a time as this”.

But . . . are you? Do you want to be a part of God’s plan for America? Would you choose to spend time in prayer for your country and the challenges that we face? Are you spending time with God asking what it is that He wants you to do for Him right now? If you sense that God is calling you, and you want to be obedient to that call, Concerned Women for America has a place for you! We are looking for dedicated Christian women to lead and be partners in Prayer/Action Chapters. We need Alert Team Captains to help inform others of the public policy happenings in North Dakota so they can pray and hold their elected representative accountable. No matter what your gifts and abilities, you can help us make a difference! Seek God’s plan for your life and then call us!

Beth Brown
Prayer Chapter Coordinator
Concerned Women for America of North Dakota
(701) 521-0416