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Hell Hath No Fury Like a Woman Scorned

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He was strong and inspiring. He was conservative. And he was a brave leader. I was smitten from the beginning. He promised me the world. But as many relationships go, he dumped me out of nowhere – and I am mad. No, I am a raging, furious conservative woman.

Bart Stupak was the object of the pro-life movement’s affection for months now because he stood up to the abortion industry, President Obama, and Speaker Nancy Pelosi and refused to allow the federal government to fund abortion-on-demand.  A profile in courage and an example for many in both parties.

Then, in the 11th hour, he caved. He succumbed to the pressures of the most pro-abortion Administration in history just because they said they would write on a piece of paper that the federal government won’t fund abortion. It’s not even a law the President wrote. It’s not worth the Post-It note he wrote it on.

Shame on you Bart Stupak. Shame on all the other Members who walked the plank with you. You all sold out and scorned millions of voters who trusted you and believed in you.

Breaking up may be hard to do but paybacks are … well, you know.