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CWA of North Carolina Press Release and Encouragement to Give Thanks

By December 23, 2016North Carolina
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Good morning Friends!  Are you still praising God for Tuesday night’s outcome on HB2 in our General Assembly like I am?  I am so grateful we can end 2016 in this way.

With CWA National’s help we put out a press release yesterday afternoon on the subject, North Carolina Votes to Keep Commonsense Law HB2.  Be sure to check it out and say a prayer that the media picks up on it.

As you know, the media has been extremely biased and typically only gives us a sentence or two to present our side.  Click here to view ABC’s Wednesday morning coverage.  When you see this kind of coverage, please take the opportunity to pray.  Pray for the newscaster and those you see making statements against the Biblical definition of sexuality.  They are in great need of God’s grace.  During this season may they be exposed to the message of redemption and hope in Christ, and respond.

One more thing, in yesterday’s e-alert you may have noticed that the link to our previous e-alert wasn’t working.  Sorry about that.  I put that link in there to direct you to the previous day’s e-alert for the contact information of the many leaders who have stayed the course this year and have had courage again and again to do what it right.  They have had an unbelievable year that I’m sure has taken a toll on them personally as well as their families.

If you haven’t already, please take a moment to contact each one of them.  I know you have contacted them many times throughout the year.  Please do so one more time.  Thank them for the wonderful Christmas gift of keeping HB2 intact and tell them to have a very Merry Christmas.  Be sure to mention you are a member of Concerned Women for America of North Carolina.

  • Pat McCrory: e-mail and/or call 919-814-2000 or 919-814-2050 and Facebook as: Office of North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory
  • House Speaker Tim Moore (R-District 1111): e-mail or call (919) 733-3451
  • President Pro Tempore Phil Berger (R-District 26): e-mail or call (919) 733-5708
  • Governor Dan Forest: e-mail and/or call (919) 733-7350
  • Dan Bishop (R-District 104)(introduced HB2): e-mail and/or call (919) 715-3009
  • Your legislator, if they voted for HB2. Click here to find out how your legislator voted on HB2 from the beginning.
  • Click here to find out who your legislator is and how to contact him/her.

Have a wonderful Christmas friends! Glory to God in the highest!

Jill Coward
State Director
CWA of North Carolina