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CWA of Maine Tells Sen. King, “Confirm Gorsuch!”

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Portland, ME – Monday night, Senator Angus King (I-ME) held a listening session at the University of Southern Maine to hear what his constituents think about Judge Gorsuch.

Concerned Women for America Maine State Director, Penny Morrell, had this to say:
“I made the drive to Portland to ask Senator King to vote ‘yes’ to Judge Gorsuch, because I believe he will be a strict constitutionalist, just as Justice Scalia was, and that is what America needs right now. Our country needs a court system that will rule based on law, not feelings – this is good for every American, no matter your political affiliation.

“Portland is a liberal city and does not represent our state of Maine as a whole. I knew there would be opposition to Judge Gorsuch at Sen. King’s meeting simply because of the location, which is why I was greatly encouraged to hear so many in the crowd in support of Judge Gorsuch even given the location. That says a lot about the people of Maine and how strongly we feel about Judge Gorsuch and the future of this country. Many of us traveled far to have our voice of support heard.

“I truly hope Sen. King will do what’s right and vote ‘yes’ to confirm Judge Gorsuch to the Supreme Court of the United States.”